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If Abdullahs had walked the talk there would have been no need to form the Gupkar Alliance

Brig Veteran Anil Gupta

The father-son duo of Dr. Farooq and Omar Abdullah were at their theatrics
best while addressing the party cadre at Jammu yesterday. The speeches of
both were full of rhetoric but lacked conviction stated Brig Anil Gupta
Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party in a press release issued here today.
Their speeches were full of contradictions, falsehood and accusations.
Selective dementia was the hallmark of the speeches of both the Abdullah’s
asserted Brig Gupta.

Dr. Farooq claimed that Sheikh Abdullah in 1947 had told his people that “this is
our way and not that side” meaning India. He further amplified by saying “we
joined Gandhi’s India and not that of BJP.” In his exuberance he forgot that BJP
didn’t even exist in 1947. Moreover, he also forgot that he was instrumental in
non-installation of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Srinagar succumbing to the
pressure of separatists. Dr. Farooq Abdullah has also forgotten that Gandhi’s
India stood for inclusivity and respect for all faiths and religions but he and his
party preached and practiced exclusivity and was responsible for religious
murders of Kashmiri Hindus which finally led to their mass exodus. If they have
not been able to return to their homeland till date, the responsibility squarely
rests with them and their colleagues in the so-called Peoples’ Alliance. They
are responsible for radicalization which has prevented the return of Kashmiri

Gandhi’s India stood for ‘Ahinsa’ (non-violence) but who is responsible for
religious militancy and jihadi terror in Kashmir which is responsible for loss of
more than 30000 innocent lives? The truth is that before the imposition of
President’s Rule on January 19, 1990, couple of days after Farooq had left for
golfing to Vilayat (London), he had surrendered mentally to the militants and
his administration was supporting the assault on Kashmiri Hindu men and
women. Between January 1 and 19, 1990 there were 319 violent acts. How did
Farooq forget Mahatma Gandhi then?

Gandhi preached “satya” (truth) but all the Abdullah’s spoke everything but
truth. The biggest lie of theirs is the claim to be secular and “no discrimination
based on region or religion.” If they were secular, why didn’t they include the

word “secular” in the preamble of state constitution after Indira Gandhi
included it in national constitution? If they didn’t believe in discrimination how
they justify skewed employment in the Sectt in favour of one region and
religion only, non-development of tourist infrastructure in Jammu, non-
creation of health infrastructure in Jammu & Ladakh, neglect & wilful
destruction of Dogra heritage, culture and pride, non-grant of citizenship to
lakhs of Hindus. The list is endless for Abdullah’s to justify. Had they walked the
talk of lofty ideals they claim, the people would have never cried hoarse and
thrown them across the Jhelum.

Continuing with the manufactured and false narrative of Kashmiris saving
Srinagar, they continue to belittle the valiant role and sacrifices of the Dogra
soldiers of the State Forces and the units of Indian Army. But for their
sacrifices, there would have been no Abdullah dynasty asserted Brig Gupta.
As regards development post 05 August is concerned, Abdullah’s will never be
able to see that because for them development meant only the development
of the Dynasty. The sole desire of the Gupkaris has been to loot the central
exchequer using 370 as a shield. Throwing all financial prudence to wind, they
believed in “You send, WE spend and if you don’t send we will hang the sword
of separation on your head.” This is how they black mailed the successive
governments at Delhi till the present BJP government called their bluff and cut
their umbilical cord in form of 370.

Gupkaris want 370 to be restored because it was source of lining their pockets
and fulfilling their hunger for power. It was source of their prosperity and
political ascendance at the cost of ordinary people. They are finding
themselves handicapped because they find difficult to survive without
swimming in the ocean of corruption asserted Brig Gupta.

Brig Veteran Anil Gupta

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