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Jammu once again on the radar screen of terror groups warns Brig Gupta

Brig Veteran Anil Gupta

Brig Veteran Anil Gupta, Security and Strategic Analyst and Spokesperson of
Bhartiya Janata Party has complimented the Jammu Kashmir Police (JKP) for
their alertness and professionalism in bursting and exposing the terror network
active in Jammu region. It goes to the credit of JKP for timely arrest of a few
hard core terrorists belonging to Kashmir and operating in Jammu region to
disturb the prevailing peace in the winter capital. It is quite evident from the
arrests made in past couple of months in different districts of Jammu region
that the entire area is on the radar screen of the ISI and Pak based terror
groups who have begun to operate with different names to mislead the global
community by portraying the Pak sponsored terror as a home grown resistance
movement by inducing local youth to carry out such terror acts. While targeted
killings and security forces remain the targets in the Valley, the focus south of
Pir Panjal in Jammu region is to trigger communal riots warned Brig Gupta.

Brig Gupta warned that a network of sleeper cells already exists in the region
as was disclosed earlier also when few persons belonging to Dudu-Basantgarh
area were arrested by the police after an unattended explosive bag was found
in a Jammu bound bus. Efforts are now being made to strengthen the network
with greater emphasis on certain localities and areas close to the winter
capital. The sleeper cells are based on students, teachers and professionals and
include members from both sexes. Jammu due to its heterogeneous
population is the ideal breeding ground to formulate such sleeper cells. Many
analysts in the past have also warned that Jammu is sitting on a tinder box and
is a ticking time bomb cautioned Brig Gupta.

In the prevailing environment while the police and security forces have
undoubtedly to remain alert it is the responsibility of every citizen to act as a
frontline warrior against terror by acting as eyes and ears of the security forces
asserted Brig Gupta. Elaborating further he said that every citizen has to
remain vigilant and look for unattended vehicles parked for a long duration at
a particular spot, vehicles with unauthorized number plates, unattended
articles at crowded places, unknown and unfamiliar faces, suspicious objects
and report about them immediately to the Police Control Room or the nearest
police station/ security forces post.

The terrorists of late are preferring the IB sector and hence increased focus on
the area. Brig Gupta advised the police to take cognizance of the mushrooming
settlements along the banks of various rivers/ nullahs right from IB to the NH.
These are likely conduits of arms supply from across the border including those
dropped from the drones. There are also reports of illegal night stays in certain
localities of the city where individual beds are being rented on per night bases
by the house owners without maintaining proper record of the one night

Brig Gupta also has advised the police to avoid predictability in the raids they
conduct at various hotels/lodges periodically. Such raids should be carried out
randomly thus creating a fear of uncertainty among the unauthorized
occupants. Cooperation by the citizens will go a long way in combating the
menace jointly, “Respect All Suspect All” should be the mantra followed by the
common man recommended Brig Gupta.

(Brig Veteran Anil Gupta)

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