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In house meeting of community of Delhi NCR

Senior KP Community leadres decide to work together

NEW DELHI FEBRUARY 21 2021- An in-house meeting of the displaced KP community of Delhi-NCR region was held on February 21 2021 at JN Koul memorial room KECSS Pamposh colony New Delhi. Pursuant to the joint call issued by Sh.CL Gadoo (Former President KSD and a senior community leader) and SH.HN Jattu (President AIKPC) for a meeting to discuss the anguish in the community in the wake of Home Minister’s statement on the floor of the House on February 13 2021 that Government was providing relief to 44,000/- displaced migrant families.The meeting was presided over by Sh.HN Jattu and conducted by Sh.CL Gadoo and attended by most of the activists from Delhi NCR viz Dr. Ramesh Raina, Prof. Kulbushan Warikoo(JNU),  Ms. Manorama Bakhshi, Sunil Shakdhar, Shiv Bhat, Ms. Alka Lahori, Ms. Nancy Koul, Anoop Koul, RK Bhan,  ML Malla, Rajinder Premi, MK Machama, Kundan Kashmiri, Nana Ji Raina, Vinod Koul, Bharat Kachroo, Sanjay Saproo, Manish Zijoo, Ramesh Manawati sushil Hashia and many more from all across Delhi NCR region.

In order to clear the air and set the record straight as a result of mismatch between the facts and figures of the Hon’ble Minister, the meeting debated the issue thread bare. In his opening remarks, Sh. Jattu put the onus of providing wrong information related to the figures of relief to the Minister on the anti-community forces still active in the UT of J&K to malign the whole community in the eyes of the nation and vitiate an already existing KP inhospitable climate for the beleaguered community. He however stuck a cautious note to remain vigilant and in a preparatory mode to contest such forces at a short notice. While expressing his agreement with Sh. Jattu, Sh. Gadoo spoke at length about the role of BJP in ameliorating the pain and trauma of the Community which should not go unnoticed and reminded that it is the same party which brought the issue of the forced displacement of Kashmiri Pandits otherwise neglected to the National attention. Given his long experience, Gadoo sahab perceived that if at any stage KP’s will get justice, it will be courtesy BJP and that should always remain uppermost in our minds.

Setting the template for debate ,Dr. Ramesh Raina’s presentation set the tone of the follow up proceedings. He maintained that the assertion of interests lay in reading the whole statement of the Minister which consists of ten points including proposed JK industrial policy, employment, development and statement on KP’s figures stands at point number eight which has three parts. Part first is a mismatch between figures and facts, part two is about the proposed rehabilitation of displaced community by 2022 in their houses and part third is about the special recruitment drive for 6000 KP youth with residences. It is a different matter that the first part is contestable but rest augurs well for us, he said. In this regard the assertion of rehabilitation in the houses as quoted by the Minister needs a clarification Whether it is pre-Ninety houses or a new roadmap. He also cautioned the attendees about overlooking Delimitation commission involved in redrawing the Lok Sabha and State Assembly constituencies and that it needed an awareness in the community and if minority representation is properly presented before the commission, it could eventually become an important instrument of struggle, he quipped.
The other important members who made their presentation on the occasion included Ms. Manorama Bakhshi, Sunil Shakdhar, Anoop Koul, Shiv Bhat, Alka Lahori, Bharat Kachroo, RK Bhan, Kundan Kashmiri and Sanjay Saproo, all of them pitched for a better co-ordinated effort to deal with such situations and not to get carried away over trivial issues as the cost of this unequal battle is high. Despite the limitations, there is a need to review the relations between various political parties and the community lest the consequential challenges may prove fatal, they asserted. The meeting decided with one voice
1. That in order to make activism pro-active such meetings are necessary to inject the fresh life in it.
2 .That Sh.HN Jattu and Sh. CL Gadoo were authorized to consult and remain in touch with various important KP organization to get them on board.
3 .That in the larger interests of the community the leaders should work together.
4 .That it was important to adopt a public position on the issue.

While concluding Sh. Jattu thanked all the participants for showing respect to them by joining the important meeting and making it productive and meaningful. He also thanked KECSS for its hospitality and protocols. He also assured the people all the above decisions arrived today will be taken to its logical conclusion.

The meeting ended on a cordial note.

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