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BJP has single point agenda for Jammu and Kashmir

Brig Veteran Anil Gupta

Having failed to elicit any favourable response from the people on numerous
allegations laid against the Bhartiya Janata Party, JK Pradesh Congress has
now come up with a new narrative of “economic crisis” in J&K. AICC leader
Incharge J&K Affairs while addressing her party members has blamed BJP for
ignoring genuine needs of the people and advised it to “Keep political agenda
aside and instead address economic crisis in J&K.” While such a narrative may
be necessary to raise the down in boots morale of its beleaguered cadre but in
reality it is not only false but bereft of any facts supported with appropriate
data asserted Brig Veteran Anil Gupta, BJP Spokesperson. Daily BJP bashing
without substantial and valid issues has become a normal routine of the
Congress leaders after much below the par performance in the recently held
DDC elections. These statements display their frustration and fail to impress
the people who have also got used to this routine rhetoric. Unfortunately, the
party’s incharge of J&K affairs is also falling in the same trap instead of doing
introspection of causes for the party’s poor performance for which she has
been dispatched here stated Brig Gupta.

It is the Congress which despite claiming to be the oldest party of the country
lacks any ideology as is evident from the electoral alliances stitched for the
forthcoming elections but continues to stick to its political agenda of
appeasement politics. BJP on the contrary is an ideology based party with
proclaimed policy of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas. It has a singular
agenda for J&K and that is “Vikas” (holistic development of the UT without
regional or religious discrimination) asserted Brig Gupta. For the first time ever
J&K has spent highest Rs.65,000 crore during FY 2020-21 despite being marred
by the Covid pandemic. For the next FY beginning from April 1, a huge budget
of 1.08 lakh crore has been sanctioned by the Modi government. Out of 80,000
crore PM Development Package more than 50% nearing 42000 crore is being
spent for improving connectivity through construction of tunnels, new
highways and expansion of existing highways. Can the Congress leader ignore
these facts and support her illogical argument of economic crisis with facts
challenged Brig Gupta? He also reminded the Congress leader that all state
government employees were benefitted with 7th Pay Commission scales                                              immediately after 05 August 2019 which none of the Congress ruled states

For the past 70 years, the bulk of which was ruled by NC, Congress or NC-
Congress regimes, J&K was able to harness 3,500MW of hydroelectric out of
the total potential of 25,000MW, whereas the Modi government has added
another 3000MW. Significant achievements have been made in the health and
higher education sectors. The tourism is picking up with the just finished
winter as the trend setter. The House Boat owners and hoteliers are already
reporting huge bookings for the forthcoming summer season. All eyes are also
set on the promised investments beginning from the new the FY. These would
also lead the way towards creation of much needed jobs to compliment the
government’s drive through accelerated recruitment process.

The Congress leadership can remain in denial mode but the ground reality
cannot be ignored. The achievements so far in J&K under the Modi
government are way ahead of the cumulative achievements of NC-Congress
combine and much more is in the offing assured Brig Gupta.

(Brig Veteran Anil Gupta)
Spokesperson, BJP

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