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Handle Second Wave of Covid with Positivity

By Priyanka Raina

Corona virus, a word enough to bring chills down the spine has crippled the whole world. India is facing
one of the worst medical emergencies since independence. Novel Corona virus is spreading at an
unprecedented pace and mutating because virus wants to live, and we are helping virus to propagate
even more by being welcoming guests (Atithi Devo Bhava taken too much seriously here). We are not
wearing masks, no social distancing, not taking government guidelines seriously to mention a few. As a
result, we have cases touching 300000 per day with 1700+ deaths daily. Experts believe the data is much
more than shown considering the population and casual attitude of people in the country. If this
approach is continued, we are on the verge of seeing the darkest periods ahead. Lack of beds, oxygen
and ventilators are adding to our miseries. We should understand that we are a developing country with
limited means and explosive population, health infrastructure already burdened so wake up everyone.
There is still light at the end of the tunnel. Data has shown 95% cases can be managed at home with
little knowledge and lot more precautions.

1. Isolation: If anyone in the house is showing symptoms, do not wait for the RT PCR results isolate
immediately. If isolation is not possible, everyone in the household should start wearing masks,
double masking (surgical mask + cotton mask) is recommended. Use disposable kitchen utensils
for the one showing symptoms and maintain distance.

2. Tele consultation: Unnecessary burden on health infrastructure is of no use. Consult your doctor
and start medications.

3. Coconut water: Miraculous elixir, a good source of vital nutrients and antioxidants, good for
heart health & maintains hydration. Make a ritual of sipping one or two daily.

4. Vitamin C: It is proven to have a direct effect on immune system. Helps in absorption of iron in
the body. Take Limcee tablets twice daily to give your body extra boost of Vitamin C.

5. Meditation: Stress is in the air and so the meditation in the house to counter it is the key to
maintain calm and composure. Add it your morning ritual, you will see the difference.

6. Breathing Exercises: Doctors throughout the world are recommending breathing exercises to
help you maintain oxygen saturation levels in body. It helps in building strength and endurance.
One of the easiest ways is to lie down on your chest and take deep breaths. It is scientifically

7. Covid Kit: Make a covid kit of commonly used medicines to use in emergency like Dolo 650 mg,
Cough syrups etc. Keep oximeter and thermometer handy. If a person starts showing symptoms,
keep an eye on the vitals.

8. Hygiene: A good hygiene in home and surroundings help you fight other infections as well.
9. Practice Gratitude: Be grateful for all the things that you have and try helping others as much as
you can.

Last but not the least, the best way to deal with this is to avoid contracting the disease. Staying
indoors as much as you can help containing the virus and break the chain. Once out do not forget
the masks and sanitizer. Remember, in this battle with the enemy, mask is our bullet and sanitizer
our shield. Be responsible, help frontline workers and government break the chain.

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