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JANANI awareness, Prevention and curative care camp organized by VOMEDH

Vomedh a socio-cultural organization in its quest to reach out to people in these difficult times of covid pandemic, where people are getting hassled tackling wave upon wave of coronavirus. The most affected population all over the country is “JANANI”, who is mother, sister, wife, friend philosopher and guide to her kids, husband, brothers and sisters, father and mother at all stages of life. She has the responsibility of childbearing as well as nurturing the child into a well-nourished and responsible human being. During this journey she neglects herself till she finds that something is wrong with her. She bleeds profusely, suffers from aches and pains which most of the times is attributed to her weakness and stress. It is for this aspect of JANANI that today’s Medical Camp at Purkhu was organized by VOMEDH with the active support of SAMOOH WOMEN WING. “Gynae. Preventive Oncology and Curative Care Camp, conducted smoothly with Dr. Samita   Bhat, Gynaecologist, cancer Surgeon. Cervical Cancer is the second most common cancer found in Indian women. The current estimates indicate 67,500 deaths annually in India which accounts to nearly 1/5th of global cancer deaths.

The early detection of cervical cancer can save the patients. It needs the awareness for which a woman has to differentiate between the urine infection and vaginal infection. How hysterectomy affects the women’s health. She must be aware of alternative surgical management to save the uterus from removal. she must know when to go for screening and how to manage if the result is positive. This is what VOMEDH aimed at by organising this awareness Camp at Purkhoo. Vomedh is thankful to Gynae and Cancer specialist Dr. Samita Bhat for her skilful and valuable contribution in making this awareness camp useful for the JANANI.

There was a lot of enthusiasm in the ladies present for the Awareness camp. The worrying questions they brought with them to the camp were satisfactorily dealt with. The deadly feared word cancer was talked about fearlessly. President Vomedh Rohit Bhat has assured of holding such awareness camps in the districts of UT of jammu and kashmir. Today’s awareness medical camp was more satisfying said Rohit Bhat  as  it was attended by the people from all walks of life irrespective of caste and creed.

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