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Gender Equality Today For Sustainable Tomorrow


A society is a group of individuals involved in persistent social interaction, sharing
the same spatial or social territory and subjected to the same political authenticity and cultural
expectations. Despite such unanimity the societies are divided or stratified on the basis of caste,
colour, class, religion and/or gender. The gender, in true sense, is neither biological nor is decided at
the time of birth. It is constructed through the process of Socialization which prepares them for the
social roles they are expected to play in future. These roles differ from culture to culture and at
different periods in history. Thus a baby born as a boy or a girl has no idea of his/her role in society
till they grow up and are socialized to behave as Men or Women.

Both the genders, men and women, are important wheels in this social cart and
contribute almost equally to its growth, prosperity and development. Irrespective of this fact, the
women are traditionally discriminated against and the main stream seems to be the male stream
making the society, we live in, patrilineal. The men have been considered revered and superior while
women, although guaranteed equality under the Constitution, have been considered inferior to
men. The status of women seems to be theoretically high but practically low. In scriptures they have
been given higher position while in practical life they are considered subordinate to men.

The Status of women in India has been subjected to many great changes over
the past Millennia. From equal status with men in ancient times through the low points in the
medieval period to the promotion of equal rights by reformers, the history of women in India has
been eventful. Earlier, women were seen only as housewives who were projected to cook, clean and
take care of their family. However, of late, they have made their presence felt in a predominantly
male dominated society in all the spheres of work. They have proved, time and again, their
dynamicity in many roles and in no way are inferior to men in any walk of life. It has been remarked
that women perform 66% of the world’s work and produce 50% of the food, yet, they earn only 10%
of the income and own only 1% of the property. The male-female wage gap has been stagnant at
50% among blue collar workers and 27% among white collar jobs. The statistics on one hand show
the hard work and productivity of the female gender while on other hand shows the discrimination
and poor returns for the same work as against their counterparts.

In India, although, women have held higher offices as well, the majority of them
continue to face atrocities one way or other, be it at work places or at domestic areas. According to
National Crime Registered Bureau (NCRB), the growth rate of crime against women has been higher
than the population growth rate in 2010. The irony is that today everyone talks about woman power
but the naked truth remains that we are far from reality and nobody is willing to take initiative. The
need is not to look at women as someone who need protection and respect as a subordinate being,
but as the one who have control over their lives, are not considered weaker and are not being

Women is the builder and moulder of nation's destiny and represent the face
value of any nation. The role of women has changed tremendously and they have been able to
create a positive impression in the society, although the male dominated society is not yet ready to
accept it. The weaker minds are unable to accept the change and are either trying to bring them
down intellectually or physically by the brutal heinous ways beyond imagination. Thus if on one hand
women are climbing the ladder of success, on the other hand they are mutely suffering the violence
inflicted by their own male counterparts.

Being Pro Woman does not mean that one has to be Anti Man. All it means is
to narrow down the difference between what we preach in theory and what we practice in reality.
This is possible to some extent by making stringent laws, recruiting squads for protection, validating
various women welfare organizations and advocating lifetime punishment for criminals. On papers
and enforcing such amendments in legislation is not enough as we all know when it comes to the
practical utility, everyone has a doubt. The more important and intriguing is the self-introspection,
revival of the lost ethical and moral values, curtailment of domestic violence and proper education
of children. The sick minds who mind giving equal status to women need to be educated,
conditioned and streamlined in a positive direction. The environment of gender equality, respect for
opposite gender and valuing women rights need to be inculcated at childhood level. Also the
negative inputs from the current gadgets, easy access to internet and becoming decisive at a very
premature age need to be monitored so to avoid the upsurge of such sick minds. If all of us
understand our own responsibility, remain accountable for our deeds and consider ‘Women rights as
Human rights’, the time is not far when we may be living in a healthy society with healthy minds
wherein the one single goal will be of ‘No Gender Discrimination.’


Dr. Pawan Suri

Director & Chief Cardiologist
Global Hospital
Jalandhar, Punjab

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