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Humans are not an evolutionary accident but an intentional creation, purposefully produced by God to fulfil a preordained role in his world. They are more than a mere assimilation of flesh and bones and
are not just the bunch of different chemicals in a sack of skin. They have been shaped from the mud on earth in an artistic way not only with the words of God but with his hands and his breath, as if to say
that the whole being of God is involved in giving life to them. Created in the image of God, human beings are, thus, in real sense a masterpiece production with a unique ability to comprehend an incomprehensible and construe the natural things that reveal God’s glory, be it creation, incarnation, gospel, Scripture etc.

Besides the routine sense of seeing, hearing, smell and touch which is often shared with other beings, humans enjoy the unique privilege of intellect and sense of discrimination. They are also blessed with the immaterial eyes – “Eyes of heart”, which allow them to know things that are not identical with what eyes of the body can
see. There is, thus, a spiritual seeing beyond the natural seeing. Similarly, there is a spiritual hearing beyond natural hearing and also a spiritual discerning through and beyond natural reasoning. These additional senses, which somehow reflect the nature of God himself, set them apart and above all other created beings.

As is said with an added power and ability, comes an additional responsibility. Humans, empowered with an ability to think, are the prime stakeholders of nature. They need to behave with honesty as well as integrity and make moral decisions on logical basis so to protect nature for the sake of present inhabitants and future generations. As each human being has an innate ability to make such moral decisions, the nature inherently seems to be in safe hands. But in day to day practice as the influence by parents, teachers, counsellors and governing bodies is increasing, the power of choices is also getting affected. Unfortunately, the influence by these external forces has overpowered the basic logic and faith to such an extent that humans rather than seeing and assessing with the immaterial eyes of heart, are construing the nature with the finite eyes of body. Using such finite mind to try to grasp infinity is like asking a fish to comprehend all the oceans of the world.

The one such example of these finite minds trying to explore an invincible with their evincible eyes is the faith in scripture excavation followed subsequently by the conflict of interest in search of different religious Gods. The faith that allows one to search God cannot be a superstition and knowing God cannot be illogical either. It
has to be rational as well as reasonable and even though, at times, healthy faith might be bigger than intellect, yet the search for faith cannot bypass the intellect. With no recollection of past and no idea of future, they are falling prey to the illusion as what is visible to them is a freeze-frame along a vast spectrum of time. As humans are innately divine and not sinful, they abode the greatest temple of God in their hearts. They need to take a spiritual journey inwards into this very temple of faith, dig deeper and decode the existence of God from
within rather than roaming around from one pillar to another post in search of the same.

Being positioned at the top rung of creator’s ladder doesn’t mean that humans are the perfect masters. Despite being equipped with intellect and power to make choices, they still stand weak as they are unable to even turn a leaf without the willingness of God. To qualify for the perfect masters, they need to limit their short- sighted perception, remove all their mental or social blocks, judge no one and teach others to be the same. In addition, they need to love all of creation and develop a relationship that involves intellect as well as heart as the relationship that involves intellect with no heart is no relationship at all.

Dr. Pawan Suri
Director Chief Cardiologist
Global Hospital, Jalandhar, Punjab                                                                                                                            email: [email protected]


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