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Sanjay Raina SR a yoga exponent discusses the importance of Yoga in our day today life and why everyone should do yoga to live a peaceful and purposeful life

ThePagahConversation with Sanjay Raina SR, a certified Yoga Expert who promotes Yoga among people for a better life.

Jammu, June 14, 2022: Sanjay Raina SR is a multifaceted personality who is a well-known name in Advertising, poetry, Book writing and Yoga is a big promoter of Yoga and advises everyone to integrate yoga with their daily life to live a peaceful and purposeful life ahead.

In our series of ThePagahConversation Sanjay Raina SR talks to Bharti Kaul and reveals how he was introduced to Yoga at a park in Chandigarh which ultimately became his passion leading him to many yoga centres and finally becoming a certified yoga expert.

Sanjay Raina SR who hails from Anantnag district in Kashmir was not a yoga enthusiast until he saw a few people doing yoga in a park in Chandigarh.

He says that his curiosity led him to the group who invited him to join and within a few days’ time he saw a huge transformation in his personality thus turning his curiosity into a passion.

Sanjay Raina SR who put his efforts to learn yoga first from Bharat Yog Sansthan and then Patanjali Yog Sansthan has also appeared in a government examination making him a certified yoga expert.

SR says that anyone who has not done yoga is definitely missing the basic link of life with nature and advises everyone to learn yoga for which he believes that the first things start with the discipline of life and changing the basic lifestyle.

He says one who has not seen the Sun Rise has not lived the actual life and if one is not integrated with nature the life becomes purposeless thus inviting various life style diseases like anxiety, anger, depression etc even if you are billionaire.

Sanjay Raina says that to learn yoga one must start waking up early in the morning as this one routine can define the rest of his day which will lead him to many new findings which late risers have never experienced in life.

He wants people to be closer to nature adding Yoga is one such way of life that brings you closer to nature and brings balance between your body and mind.

In this conversation Sanjay Raina SR explains in detail how one can start learning Yoga adding a child as small as 7 years can start doing yoga and a person till his last breath can continue yoga adding yoga is not an exercise but a balance between your body and soul which is natural and doe not bar anyone of any age group to avoid.

To watch the full interview of certified Yoga Expert Sanjay Raina SR please click the video link above.

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