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Incessant rains: DHSK issues advisory over possible outbreak of water-borne diseases in Kashmir

Directorate of Health Services Kashmir has issued an advisory over a possible outbreak of water borne diseases in the valley in view of incessant rains and flash floods on Wednesday.

In the advisory, the DHSK has emphasized on hand hygiene and drinking boiled water. The DHSK also advised to wash the food storage containers regularly and chlorinate the tap water for decontamination. For rehydration, the DHSK has advised to use ORS, which can be also made at home by adding 8 tsp of sugar and 1 tsp table salt to a pre boiled litre of water.

The DHSK has asked the CMOs across the valley to activate the Rapid Response Teams in the respective districts and gear up the CHOs for any eventuality.

It also asked the CMOs to lift water samples for testing at Public Health Labs under IDSP programme to ensure minimal occurrence of the disease outbreak.

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