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Vomedh stages SNA approved ‘Gadd Bateh’ to showcase unique KP culture in Jammu

Jammu, July 16, 2022: Vomedh today staged its famous comedy play ‘Gadd Bateh’ approved by Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi at Abhay Higher Secondary School Auditorium before a jam-packed hall of audience. Mrs. Kiran Raina, Principal of the School was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

The play a hilarious satire on the pangs of migration of Kashmiri Pandits and their urge to continue the age-old traditions in different environs was well received by the jam-packed audience bringing back the old memories of the pre-migration days when Kashmiri Pandits would celebrate the ritual of ‘Gadd Bateh’ with great festivity in  Kashmir.

The Play written by Rakesh Roshan Bhat and directed by Rohit Bhat, the brother-duo known for their super hit plays like Ek Aur Birbal, Choper Yei Gaash, Khoya Bachpan, Atteeth ke Saakhshi etc revolves around a Kashmiri Pandit who celebrates all the Kashmiri Pandit festivals to keep the culture alive in exile but has not been able to celebrate “Gadd Bateh” because he did not own a house for 32 years in Jammu.

Now when he finally builds a house of his own he wants to celebrate it quietly. But the other characters like daughter-in-law, fish loving neighbor and the ‘Ghar Devta’ himself make it a memorable, satirical and hilarious for him.

The playwright through this play wants to convey that the Valley of Kashmir is known as “Valley of Saints And Deities” and Kashmiri Pandits celebrated the specific days invoking the blessings of these saints and deities with lot of fervor and devotion.

The winter in Kashmir was the harbinger of festivities and celebrations for Kashmiri Pandits like the “Gadd Bateh”, “Yakhshya Amawasya” and the grand “Herath” etc.


“Gadd Bateh” had an element of curiosity to it besides the other elements of a usual festival. The presiding deity “Ghar Devta” of this festival has a unique persona and people across age groups are enchanted with him. He is the protector of the house and the household according to the old belief. He is tall, well-built deity attired in a white ‘poss’(inner wear of Pheran) and a yellow turban. There are a lot of interesting myths and stories floating around since ages which has established this deity very strongly in the cultural and spiritual belief of Kashmiri Pandits.

However, after migration of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir due to turmoil the whole charm of these festivals started to wane away. But, Kashmiri Pandits ensured that whatever the situation be, the culture and legacy of Kashmiri Pandits should not fade or vanish. They started observing all these festivals inspite of all the odds, wherever they are settled today.

“Gadd Bateh” is also celebrated by uprooted community but of course it is not the same as it used to be in Kashmir.

The attempt of the writer director duo is to transport the audience back down the memory lane, to relive those
experiences and emphasize the significance of these festivals for the existence of Kashmiri Pandits in a very non- preaching and entertaining manner. The play was well received by the audience and appreciated by the critics.

Vomedh thanked the management of Abhay Higher Secondary School for their cooperation on the occasion.

The characters were played by artists as follows Sunny Mujoo as Kanya Lal, Rahul Kilam as Bubji, Priya Khar as
daughter-in-law, Puneet Baali as Ghar Devta, King C Bharati as Sanj Bhoch and Bharati Koul as Shama Ji.
Choreography by Sunny Mujoo, Makeup by Sunny, Lights Suman, Video and Stills, Ishu Bharati Pandit. written by Rakesh Roshan Bhat and Directed by Rohit Bhat.

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