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One month long cultural workshop and Folk dance (Kashmiri pandits) – Sponsored by Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi

Folklore is becoming gradually a thing of past. In order to revive and rejuvinate youth into their forgotten legacy of age old ways and means of cultural traditions a month long workshop from 29th september to 28th October, 2020 will be held by Priyanka Koul (Project Director/Coordinator) sponsored by Sangeet Natak Academy, Delhi. The workshop will be unique in its own way as the dress code that was used by our ancestors will be depicted with Kashmiri Pandit Wanwun, Rov and Ladishah.
The unique way of wanwun is one of its kind. It is sung by a group of ladies who are not professionals. One lady who has mastered the wanwun leads, she is called “Netri”. On every auspicious ocassion such as Wedding, Yagnopavit, House warming, Child Birth functions  and many more. The blessings of Dieties are invoked in each function by wanwun. It is a vedic language originating from sanskrit. Wanwun is sung by ladies only. Same way Rov is also a unique dance form, performed in groups by ladies singing songs of glory and happiness. Ladisha is sung by males only.  One person who takes up the social issues and sings in a unique manner. The instrument used to go with his sing song manner is a big metallic “chimta” with which ladisha maintains the texture of his song. Wanwun, Rov and Ladishah are age old Folklore of our age old Culture. The revival of this rich cultural heritage is what will be imparted in the Workshop. The final show shall be held after the completion of workshop on 28th of october 2020.

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