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Legendary Ladishah performer Gopi Kishen Bahar, legendary poet, writer, performer of J&K talks about the Child Marriage in olden days and his poetry

#PagahKathBaath with the legendary Ladishah performer Gopi Kishen Bahar details the journey of his life books, poetry and folklore Ladishah.

Jammu, November 05, 2022: Gopi Kishen Bahar, renowned actor, writer, radio, stage, and TV artist of J&K talks about about the Child Marriage in olden days and his poetry in PagahKatbaath with TRN host Bharti Kaul

In our series of PagahKatbaath, Gopi Kishen Bahar talks to Bharti Kaul on his career in writing, poetry, and books.

Gopi Kishen Bahar as a performer needs no introduction to Kashmiris and is a household name due to his multifaceted personality besides being an equally able writer and actor. Gopi Kishen Bahar has charted his path through sheer hard work, passion and sincerity and is equally an enthusiastic Ladishah performer of the state.

Bahar says that he was married at the age of 14 when Child Marriages were not banned and that it was his mother’s wish to see him married that saw him getting into the married life at tender age.

Gopi Kishen Bahar was born in the family of landlords in Dever Tral and was attracted to artistic field right from his childhood and started writing poetry from 8th standard and used to participate in skits in his childhood and says his main aim was to spread happiness among the people through his performances.

Akaash Dramatic Club Tral which was established by Bahar staged first programme ‘Aalav’ in his home village Tral which was widely appreciated by the people who watched the performance and later started participating in radio programmes even though his dream of working in the Radio was not realised.

Bahar started his monologue at Radio and started Ladishah which too was a popular programme among the people.

About his popular programme ‘Hapatvole’ he gives his credit to legendary radio artist Pushkar Bhan who introduced Bahar to it and recited a piece of ‘Hapatvole’ which became tremendously popular among the children and says till date people know him by the name ‘Hapatvole’.

Talking about his college days Bahar says that once in his college there was commotion in the hall among students and it was chaotic for which he was invited to stage to recite ‘Hapatvole’ which stopped the commotion at once and all the students came back to the auditorium.

About Ladishah Bahar he says that he was invited by Doordarshan for Ladishah and first performed before the legendary Saqi Sahab who appreciated his voice and told him his voice was perfect for the Ladishah.

It is worthwhile to mention here that Gopi Kishen Bahar will be regularly presenting LADISHAH on TRN channel from next Sunday onwards.

To watch the full interview of Gopi Kishen Bahar please click the video link above.

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