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Gujjars meet VC, demand Gojri Department at Jammu University 

Jammu , September 17 2020: Demanding immediate steps to establish “Gojri Department ” in the University of Jammu,  the Gujjars- a main Scheduled Tribe community of J&K  today pleaded  to implement the decision of  JU’s Council  meeting held in 2008, in presence of Chancellor –the Governor and Pro-Chancellor –the Chief Minister,  in which a full-fledge Research Centre was approved for the development of  Gojri Language. The Community also demanded to establish a  similar centre in Kashmir University.

Raising the issue with  Vice-Chancellor  of Jammu University Prof.  Manoj Dhar  during a meeting held in his chamber  today,  Dr Javaid Rahi noted  tribal researcher and founder of   Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation- a community-supported organization said that “In 2008, a decision in this regard was taken in the JU Council meeting in the presence of the then  governor, who is also the Chancellor of Jammu University and Chief Minister, but after laps 12 years, the Gojri department is nowhere on the ground”. He , on behalf of Gujjar the community demanded that the said ‘approved Gojri Research Center’ /department may  be established in Jammu University camps instead Poonch camps of JU as Gujjars are scattered   in the entire Jammu region.

He said Gojri is the second largest language of Jammu region and it deserves separate Gojri department on merit.

He said that with the establishment department the tribal art, culture, tradition, language, the custom  of Gujjars-Bakerwal Scheduled Tribe community could be persevered for all generations to come.

During the meeting the VC was informed  that Gujjars, Bakerwals and other ‘Gojri’ speaking groups  demanding the establishment of “Gojri department” on the pattern of ‘Dogri’ and ‘Kashmiri’ departments in the universities.

The meeting was further  informed that the tribal language  ‘Gojri’ has a rich folk and modern literature, oral-lore, linguistic linage spoken by 3 million people in Jammu and Kashmir which constitute 20 to 25% population of UT.It added that  ‘Gojri’ has been recognized as a regional language in erstwhile state and listed in the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir and is taught in schools besides universities. The Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, Sahitya Akadami-India’s National Academy of letters, Central Institute of Indian Languages Mysore , Union Ministry of Education have recognized ‘Gojri’ as an independent literary language.  The first glossary of  ‘Gojri’ the language was published in the year 1901 by Oxford University.Amir Khusrow –a scholar of Persian of 13 century has made mention of  Gojri as one among 12 languages of India of his time , he said.   All these facts bear a testimony to the strength and scope of this language to be included in the university curriculum.

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